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I’m Ria Rio. Yes, as in: Rio de Janeiro, Rio Ferdinand, Duran Duran’s “Rio” etc.

I’m a twenty-something female from London, England doing a fantastically terrible job at navigating this thing called life. You know, the girl that changes her job as often as her bra, hates working a 9 to 5, has a million and one ‘great get rich ideas’ but never gets past the planning stage.

The girl that goes to a restaurant to do a review and leaves her camera at home, eats loads of junk, promises to go to the gym, but never does and then wonders why she’s putting on weight… Yes, I’m that girl and I own it!

I write openly and honestly about my life, from quitting my job in London to go and teach English in Spainquitting teaching in Spain to come back to my job in London, to getting fired from my job in London and ending up unemployed 2 weeks before Christmas.

See, I suck at life!

I’ll be leaving for Thailand in March on a one way flight. Hopefully while on the road I’ll have an epiphany and suddenly figure my life out on some Eat, Pray, Love shit!

If not, you can continue to read how much of a beautiful mess I am!

My life. Your entertainment,



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